本文全英文仿写爱尔兰作者 Jonathan Swift 的 A Modest proposal.一篇著名的反讽文章


A modest proposal to ISU

As the development of figure skating is getting mature and drawing more attention from general public, it’s time for ISU to make some change with respect to the scoring system of figure skating. I, as an audience and fan of figure skating, have concluded several suggestions from different perspectives.

The nationality
Figure skating, as a sport originally derived from Europe, should aid the skaters who have the historical background. The skaters from Europe, especially Russia, are more likely to have the better performances and expressions of the music since their ancestors are group of the first people in this world who began figure skating. The legacy of their predecessors largely influenced the skaters and audience in Europe----the skaters can have better understanding of each programs’ theme, while the audiences are more appreciative than their counterparts. Furthermore, the skaters who are from the more developed countries in figure skating should deserve additional points. For instance, the nationalities of strong countries, such as the US, Japan, Canada, and Russia should help the skaters to earn the extra score since they are so traditionally powerful and need to keep their “leading position”. In comparison, the citizenship of China need naturally earn normal, even less, score in their final grade for their skaters.
Perfect persona
As we all know, the figure skaters themselves have great influence in the general public. In order to convey a affable figure of skater to the audiences, ISU should encourage the skaters who have a successful family, excellent words and deeds instead of the skaters who have inappropriate behaviors and shameful background. The advocacy of USDSA toward Nancy Kerrigan rather than Tonya Harding can be a great model for ISU to follow. Despite the fact that Tonya Harding is the second woman who accomplish triple axel jump----the most difficult jump for female skaters at that time----in human history, USFSA didn’t score her according to her performance on ice but to her personal life. Tonya Harding‘s inglorious personal life, including divided family and marriage, cannot convey the positive inspiration to the people, especially children. ISU should learn this kind of scientific scoring style because every aspect of a  sport star is extremely important, representing the sportsmanship. The elegant skating princess Nancy is worthy of the first place, while Tonya deserves the inferior ranking.
The host country and sponsor
As one of the most important factor of a successful competition, the hosting countries help their owns skaters to earn extra credit in the final score. These countries provide the venues, residencies, foods, and services for ISU to operate the remarkable competitions. In order to pay off their hard works, ISU is supposed to assist them by scoring their skaters higher. Similarly, the skaters who have intricate relationship with the sponsors need to be scored higher too.
All these suggestion are made based on the prior true experiences. What happened in the past provokes me to call for a justice and benignant competition environment and the merited scores for the qualified skaters. Since the ISU has already followed these scoring principles underground, why do not set the rules officially? Benefiting both the skaters, the audiences, and the ISU itself, these suggestions need to be applied on the spot.